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Quebec Brides
  User ID     Age     Occupation     Language     Religion     Marital Status  
   Rubys   48   Unemployed   Punjabi   Hindu-Brahmin   Divorced
   zanny82   32   No-Entry   English   Christian (Protestant)   Single (Never Married)
   kmiddleton   42   Administrative    None   Christian (Baptist)   Single (Never Married)
   grandson   38   Management   English   Christian   Single (Never Married)
   sheba1702   52   Social Service   English   None   Single (Never Married)
   krmiddleton   44   Administrative   English   Christian   Single (Never Married)
   jessyneeds   41   Government Service   English   Christian (Baptist)   Divorced
   jessycool   41   Administrative   English   Christian   Divorced
   newcanada   36   Management   English   None   Single (Never Married)
   ssoniSecured photo   38   Graphic Artist   English   Hindu   Single (Never Married)
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Quebec Grooms
  User ID     Age     Occupation     Language     Religion     Marital Status  
   suchakapApproved Photo   66   Self employed   English   Hindu-Kshatriya   Divorced
   dhaliwal   57   Techniciant   English   Sikh-Jat   Divorced
   derry   47   No-Entry   English   Sikh-Jat   Divorced
   glove   47   Techniciant   English   Jain   Single (Never Married)
   canadian32   37   Government Service   English   None   Single (Never Married)
   toteugen   43   Bio Medical   English   None   Open marriage
   tlkb1   58   Scientist   English   None   Single (Never Married)
   mamunorrashid   71   Journalist   English   Muslim   Single (Never Married)
   amircann   48   Management   English   Muslim   Single (Never Married)
   surendra51Approved Photo   66   Self employed   English   Hindu   Divorced
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