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Inc.5000 2007 Honoree Company (Fastest Growing)
Internet Application Solutions

Technology leadership is a critical driver for hi-tech product companies. New market entrants rely on technology leadership to build significantly differentiated products and services that can challenge incumbent players. At the same time, the incumbents rely on R&D to consolidate their leadership positions. Successful strategies in this race focus on technology innovation to engineer new products and services.

FootPath, Inc is a provider of Internet solutions with services such as E-Strategy Consulting, E-commerce solutions, Web development, web applications, Multimedia and Design Solutions, Software development and Wireless technologies  / mobile game development. The solutions FootPath, Inc provides, enables businesses to leverage leading edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantages in today's marketplace.

To keep us on a competitive edge, we always open to upgrade our self to new / latest technologies. Currently, we are using following three types of technologies:

  • Microsoft based (ASP, VB, .NET)
  • Linux / Apache based
  • Middleware

Our Reference Projects include:

Large Internet Matchmaker - (owned by, inc) started in 1996 is the oldest matrimonial service for Individuals of Southeast Asian origin. was founded by Narain Bhatia (Ex-KPMG, Boston Office Partner) and Bharat Manglani (Founder and Ex-CEO of netGuru Systems, NASDAQ:NGRU).

SuitableMatch is unique and distinct from the crowding of dot com's in matrimonial cyberspace. It focuses on 'Quality' of Information and Matrimonial Success Rate. SuitableMatch delivers Quality Results via extremely strict data validation, control, background and email/phone customer service, through a service center based in New Delhi, India to Indians settled abroad.  SuitableMatch delivers the highest success rate (over 25 successful alliances/month) by staying focused on their market and through manual (counselor assisted) matchmaking, utilizing experienced matchmakers and using all possible sources for the lead generation (SuitableMatch database, Newspaper Advertisements etc.).

SuitableMatch offers extremely rich, convenient user experience through Web, Email, Fax and Phone System to their market.


Health Care Service Provider - Shared Decision Guide

FootPath, Inc. has designed and developed, on Fixed Price/Fixed Time basis, solutions for patient care & shared decision making for largest health care service provider in North East United States. The business of providing health care is getting more costly and complex for many reasons: an increasingly demanding and rapidly growing customer base, a seemingly endless string of mergers and acquisitions, and increasingly strict regulatory controls such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a result, health care providers and payers are being challenged to provide better service, meet federal regulatory requirements, and keep costs in check to maintain profitability.

FootPath, Inc understands the dramatic changes facing the health-care industry and the IT challenges that these changes introduce. Our healthcare solutions are built on a comprehensive integration platform that ties together diverse healthcare resources for information sharing and business process management. This approach fully leverages existing investments, while delivering immediate ROI and the long-term flexibility and scalability you need.

HIPAA Compliance solution helps your company meet governmental regulations based upon the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) while simultaneously streamlining business processes and cutting costs. Our HIPAA Compliance solution provides you with full HIPPA compliance and includes everything you need to automate and manage.

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