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Waste Management & Tracking System

FootPath, Inc. - WTS (Waste Tracking Software) is a comprehensive end to end Enterprise Software for Industries & Waste Recycling, Storage or Disposal Facilities to fully automate almost all steps of the Waste Management. WTS provides an extremely easy to use, operate solution and hub for managing waste (in-house and industrial) for large-scale corporations and waste management facilities (provides GPS, Barcode and RFID Tracking based).

WTS is one the first software’s in the Industry to fully integrate Waste Pickup, Manifests (Regulatory Form), Tracking, Waste Profile / Laboratory Test Report Data (in addition to MSDS), Receiving, Treatment, Disposal, Instant Billing, Collection or Accounts Receivable, Reporting, Regulatory Compliance and collection into one comprehensive software with a connected Smart Handheld Application. With it’s easy to use User Interface, and well-developed functionality over many years of monitoring real-life waste management plants, it is an ideal solution for corporations and waste management facilities looking to easily manage and monitor the Facility, Waste, Customers, Employees, Transporter/Vehicle Fleet, Billing, Collection, Regulatory Reporting and Intelligent planning for future decision making.

The software has already been implemented for all the facilities of Bharat Oil and Waste Management Pvt Ltd, India through one dedicated cloud server and Desktop Browser based Access and handheld application for employees.

Deep Understanding of Waste Management Industry

Since 2006, FootPath, Inc. has helped waste management companies automate their business process to improve productivity, promptly learn the business basics, variance, comply with regulators accurately, on-time, manage employees, resources effectively and intelligently learn and adapt new decisions and underlying circumstances.

WTS was designed with real-life experience in the management of waste plants and first-hand experience in the difficulties encountered in the smooth running of such plants including people, resources, issues/gaps, audits and compliances. Hence, it integrates key features that are necessary for effective waste management:

Real-Time Data Availability: WTS is designed to process data instantly through its connection to its mobile application. From waste type and quantity to e-billing WTS operates with the speed of the real world.

Real-Time Transport Tracking: With integrated GPS tracking of trucks, and a connected mobile application, WTS can easily track and minimize mismanagement and theft.

Smart and Easy Design
WTS was designed keeping in mind that all employees could access features based on permission, activity state, functionality, with a very user-friendly design.

Artificial Intelligence: WTS has integrated AI that helps make crucial decisions regarding customer payment, defaulting, waste profile and waste pickups.

Security and Monitoring: With security and data privacy concerns that exist today, securing data is crucial to proper business functioning. WTS prioritizes this. The WTS tracks and records logins in real-time, and has a Realtime Security Management Dashboard/Console, Activity Dashboard/Console and has 3 layers/rings of security to secure customer data, employee/department level access to each data element.

Long-Term Benefit In its implementation thus far, WTS has resulted in great benefits for industrial waste management companies looking to manage their waste:

Increased Profitability and Improved Optimization: With a combination of its smart AI software and it’s easy to use features, WTS automatically optimizes and learns the best way to route and load trucks to ensure cost is minimized. The application guides you towards the best solution, in a matter of seconds.

Automated Invoices and Reports: With its e-invoice features, WTS almost eliminates errors in billing, waste data, and truck management. It also features reports that are crucial for compliance and automatically generates them in a matter of seconds.


WTS Server
A Dedicated server for your corporation to run the web client, and mobile application through your own server whereby you can support multiple waste management facilities, generators/Industries on the fly.

WTS Online
The Cloud-based Server to manage and track your waste stream, and can be run through the Footpath WTS Server on Cloud.
Features include online management of: waste generation, storage, reports, movement (truck monitoring), recycling, co-processing, disposal, tracking, monitoring, billing.

WTS SmartPhone / Handheld Device Application
The mobile/handheld application counterpart to the web-based client. Available on Android, through the Google Play store.


  • New Waste Pickup/Create, Print/Email Manifest.
  • View Existing Pickups and Status.
  • Location & Intelligence Based Customer & Fleet Selection.
  • Logistics / Pickup planning intelligent based on A/R, Default, Past Experience Waste Type, Profile, Quantity, Packing, Labeling, Coding – Automated and linked to Master.
  • Recording of Route in addition to a separate dedicated GPS Tracker for route management.
  • Instant Digital Sign of Pickup Sheets, Printing, Email or Bluetooth Share.Ability to take & attach photos and much more.
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